Lulalu Prioritzer Notebook Multistripe Blue Kiwi Orange


Finally, achievable goal tracking and prioritization! Break key goals into actionable projects and tasks with the Lulalu Prioritizer Notebook. Allows you to define up to three priority goals, up to three key projects critical to that goal and the next three actions required to move each project forward. By breaking down big goals into smaller steps, you maintain clarity on priorities and focus on the actions that will accomplish your most important objectives.

Each spiral-bound pad includes 60 sheets with protective polypropylene see-through cover for portability from desk to briefcase and beyond. Columns are micro-perforated for added convenience in updating your progress and quick removal. 

  • 60 sheets 
  • Protective polypropylene frosted see-through cover
  • Micro-perforated sheets
  • 10 x 11.5 inches