Lulalu Shopping List Pad Yellow Stripes


The fresh contrasting stripes of the Lulalu Shopping List Pad brighten the task of shopping. Each sheet of contrasting stripes makes it easy to capture your shopping list and then gain the satisfaction of checking-off those things that are acquired. Done and done!

Our pads easily stick and re-stick to stainless steel fridges, glass, mirrors and other surfaces so they're ready for use in your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, office, school locker, and more! Made in the USA.

  • 50 sheets
  • 5 X 10 inches
  • Sticks to any smooth, clean non-porous surface
  • Reusable, non-toxic and leaves no residue

Using on a stainless steel fridge? Visit our product recommendations for cleaning and replacement grips.

Learn more about the surfaces Lulalu sticks to along with usage and care here.