About Us

Hi, we’re Lulalu, here to inject a fresh dose of personality and color into everyday life! Our collection of thoughtfully designed solutions for the office, home and more transform the mundane into the delightfully creative. For the busy person on-the-go, Lulalu helps you organize, communicate, and share - all while bringing a smile to your face. 

Lulalu products are not only super-useful for organizing, but they also add a dash of play to your day-to-day routine. Lulalu is passionate about converting simple spaces - a desk, refrigerator or even your bag - into wonderful areas that communicate, share, and brighten the everyday … and do it all with color! We’re talking dry erase boards, clips, frames, keychain flashlights, notepads, vases, markers and more.

As a brand of  Jasper + Black, Lulalu is all about color, design and life’s small surprises. A touch of convenience here, a splash of pizzazz there - These are the little changes that end up making a big difference in your day. Always delightful, always surprising, never boring, we’re Lulalu, and it’s really nice to meet you.

Contact Us!

Jasper + Black LLC
United States of America

+1 612.486.6968

Lulalu is sold internationally by art, book, catalog, housewares, lifestyle, museum, and organization retailers.  Custom and promotional programs  have also been developed for diverse range of corporate clients. 

The Lulalu collection is designed in Minneapolis and manufactured in the USA and China.