Taking the last trip before school starts? Here's how to make it a blast

01 July, 2016

No experience can top a family vacation — spending time with the people you love most, leaving behind your obligations (even for just a few days) and relaxing on the shore with only the sound of the waves for company. If you’re planning a family vacation this summer, don’t let the planning stage ruin your mood! Make your trip an absolute blast with these tips from Lulalu.

1. Make a check list. You can utilize any one of our planning tools for this step. Grab one of our list pads and take a quick inventory of anything and everything you’ll need while you’re away. Consider splitting your list up into categories such as clothing items, toiletries, food and outdoor items to keep from missing anything. You might also try color-coding to label items as essential and nonessential. When it comes time to load the car, this will help keep you from over-packing.

2. Plan activities ahead. While many view vacation as a time to go with the flow and be free from the grueling schedule of everyday life, going in without a plan can actually be even more stressful once you arrive. Grab your Lulalu calendar and jot down the top activities your family wants to do while at your destination. Once the list is complete, call ahead and inquire about prices and whether or not you’ll need a reservation. Be careful not to pack your schedule too tight — you want to leave time for lounging by the pool and midday naps!

3. Don’t sweat the small stuff. As with everything, something will go wrong on your trip. Whether you have a flat tire or forget to pack your favorite bathing suit, how you handle it can determine the tone of the entire trip. Relax, shake it off and enjoy this precious time with your favorite people!

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