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Humanizing the Kitchen Again and Making Stuff that Sticks to Stainless Fridges

14 July, 2013


Seems like stainless steel appliances are "de rigueur" now for any modern kitchen. Just like everyone else, we loved the look and were excited to finally upgrade to a new kitchen with sleek stainless steel everywhere - the fridge, stove, dishwasher - we even had a stainless counter-top installed to be extra cool. 

The big casualty for all this fabulousness: our refrigerator magnets. We never picked up on the fact that magnets generally do not work on stainless steel appliances. We mourned not only the sudden irrelevance of our "Dress-me-up David" and Magnetic Poetry sets, but also all those useful things that made the fridge more lively, colorful and, well, human. Kitchen magnets that held up our favorite notes, photos, coupons and other key scraps of our lives were suddenly impotent to our updated look.

Faced with cool sleek, but sterile surfaces wall to wall, we were thrilled to discover Mayfair Lane and their Happeez refrigerator clips and other useful items. They were not magnets for stainless steel but something better! The unique technology of Mayfair Lane's clips, fames and other items allowed us to fearlessly return our fridge to the display and messaging center of yore - without fear of residue, or damage to the surface yet let's you stick and unstick them over and over again. We loved it so much, we bought the company, kept the technology and re-branded the line to become Lulalu.

While Lulalu has expanded to non-sticky things like accessories and desk pads, our core quest is still centered on helping other home fashion victims re-claim the surface of their stainless steel fridge in a way that respects the promise of a sleek modern aesthetic. 

Our click clips let you hang your kid's latest drawing proudly in a place of honor or keep that stack of coupons handy. 


Lulalu Click Clips displaying kid's art on stainless steel refrigerator

The fridge pads and calendars were specially designed to help you keep things like kid schedules and menu plans front and center. 


We even took boring dry erase boards (many of which still have to be mounted with magnets or screws - really?!) and reinvented them as bright, yet sleek bursts of color that let you leave a quick note or capture your latest bright idea in style

 As more people discover Lulalu, they too are bringing a fresh human element back into their kitchens (and baths, since our stuff sticks to mirrors, glass and other smooths surfaces, by the way). We would love to hear how you are using Lulalu to break free of the mundane and keep it all organized. Come talk to us on Facebook or drop us a line. We'd love to hear how you are bringing life to your surfaces with Lulalu.