Using the Lulalu LED Keychain Flashlight

08 November, 2013

We hear people love the pop of color that the Lulalu LED Keychain Flashlight gives to handbags, backpacks or the dark depths of a purse. We also understand that with such a simple little device, questions do arise like:

  • How do I open the keychain to put my keys on the ring?
  • Can I change the battery? How does that work?

If you're in the dark about how our keychain works, no worries. We're here to light the way with a few tips.

From open to close, here is how the keychain works:

1. BE FIRM - Press down on the raised edges around the entry tab of the wire until it's flush with the housing.

2. PULL! -  With the tab pushed down, pull on the wire to release it from the entry tab. If it's sticky, wiggle the wire a bit and pull firmly (it's okay, the keychain won't break). Once you've pulled it out, the wire should be ready to be looped through your accessory of choice.

3. ACCESSORIZE - Loop the wire through a loop or handle on your purse, bag, keys, etc.

4. SNAP! - Simply push the loose end back into the entryway. Once it snaps back into place, you've got it.

5. LIGHT UP - Press the center button on the keychain to light up the LED light.

Just like that, you're good to go! Practical and pretty - who knew?

If you just can't get enough of our keychain and want to change the LED light battery, look at the printed instructions on the back. You can use a common jeweler's screwdriver to remove the cover and replace it with a standard watch battery (type CR2032 DC 3V).

Live in Color. Lulalu.

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