Color-coded Love: 4 Tips for Using Lulalu Fridge Clips

02 March, 2016

Mom can’t find the grocery list, sister lost her book report and brother misplaced his signed permission slip—again. If this sounds like a typical morning in your household, a little organization might be the order of the day. Color coding is a simple, effective technique for keeping your family apprised of important to-dos, so consider incorporating fridge clips from Lulalu into your busy schedule. Check out these tips for using them for maximum efficiency!

1. Select a color and stick with it. Blue for brother, pink for sister, yellow for mom, green for dad—no matter what you decide, choose a color and stick with it. Once your family starts to associate a colored clip with you, it will be easy for them to leave important papers, notes and lists for you to find!

2. Place important papers where they are most likely to be seen. Lulalu clips will stick to your refrigerator, bathroom mirrors and other smooth surfaces, so you can leave a paper that needs signed for mom or an oil change reminder for in the place where they are most likely to see it. If sister never eats breakfast, maybe the front door of the refrigerator isn’t the best place for a reminder to pick up milk at the grocery store after school, but you can guarantee she’ll see it if you block her view to the bathroom mirror!

3. Don’t underestimate the power of a hand-written note. Fridge clips from Lulalu don’t have to be just for important lists. Write your dad a note he’ll find before work or thank mom for making your favorite dinner last night. Sometimes this small gesture can be more powerful than just another text message.

4. Forget grocery lists, decorate instead! Lulalu clips are great for decorating your surfaces with pictures and artwork, too! Liven up your space in style.

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