Organizing (Your Keys) Before Spring

02 February, 2016

Spring cleaning is looming on the horizon. If the idea of cleaning out closets, wiping down walls and preparing you home for warmer weather is overwhelming to you, don’t fret. There are many small ways you can downsize before spring hits—like downsizing your keys! This might seem insignificant, but your keys can be a big source of anxiety. Check out these tips for organizing those clunky keys!

Ditch the keychains. If you still have 10 keychains hanging off your key ring, it is definitely time to upgrade. All of those keychains can seriously weigh you down and take up room in your purse. Plus, those bulky keys look disheveled and unprofessional.

Separate your keys. What are you, a janitor or something? Move your spare key to a separate chain and keep it in a safe place so you can find it easily in the event of an emergency.

Invest in the keychain flashlight from Lulalu. Lulalu Keychain Flashlights come in a variety of colors. Equipped with a dependable LED light, these easy-to-use chains can help you keep your keys organized with an efficient color-coded system. Keep your home keys on blue, work keys on yellow and miscellaneous keys on orange. Bonus—light the way from your car to your house in the dark and avoid scratching your car door at night when you’re trying to unlock it with your nifty LED flashlight. These keychains won’t cramp your style, because they attach easily to your purse, bag or backpack!

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