Why Having Things Written in Front of You Improves Productivity

06 December, 2015

In a digital world filled with phone calendars, text messaging and mobile phones, many of us still find ourselves scribbling on scrap pieces of paper and littering our desks with sticky notes. While this might seem silly, it is actually a sign of intelligence. Research suggests that it is better to write things down by hand than by typing—especially if it’s something you want/need to remember.

Typing, especially if you are transcribing while someone else is dictating, is mindless and often done without thinking. However, when you are writing notes by hand, your brain is forced to process the information it’s taking in. This is especially common in students who are taking notes in class; you are forced to think about what you are writing so you can use shorthand or summarize to keep up.

At the same time, with sticky notes covering every surface of your desk, refrigerator and dresser, there must be a better way to avoid desktop chaos. Lulalu’s keyboard pads are a stylish place to organize your thoughts. The pads come in bold colors and are designed to fit the length of a computer keyboard. While offering organization literally at your fingertips, they can also be used as a wrist-rest while you type—win, win!

So unplug your life. Move your to-do lists and reminders out of your memo app and your e-mail folders and onto a keyboard pad from Lulalu. Quiet your brain and focus with this organizational tool—great for students, professionals, busy moms and more!

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