Heads-up recipe holder? We have a clip for that!

11 April, 2014

With spring upon us, we are inspired to get into the kitchen or fire up the grill to bring on the season. Since we are constantly trying new things in the kitchen at the Lulalu home office, we are often pulling from recipes clipped from magazines, written on old cards, or printed from websites. 

While we’ve started clipping our recipes to Evernote for safekeeping, we still need to print them out and have them in the kitchen so something unfortunate doesn’t happen to the iPad or laptop!

To keep the kitchen counter free for the beautiful chaos that is home cooking, we use our Lulalu Clips as recipe holders. They not only stick to stainless fridges, but also to the microwave, smooth wood cabinets and glass.

The cabinets near our stove have glass fronts, so we keep clips stuck up there all the time and clip up the recipe we are making so it is off the counter and at eye level so we know at a glance whether to add fish sauce or soy sauce to that stir-fry. 

Here’s to colorful organization and chaos-free kitchen! 


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