5 Reasons You Should Make Lists

01 June, 2016

You’ve heard it before: Type A personalities are competitive, outgoing, aggressive and organized. However, even if this does not describe you, making lists is great for everyone — even relaxed Type Bs. Whether you’re crossing off chores at home or assignments at school, lists will keep your on your toes! Check out these great reasons for list-making.

1. Manage anxiety. Making a list of all the things you need to do can help you manage any anxiety you may feel about getting it all done. Between work, families, health and wellness, planning meals and running a household, writing it all down is a great way to make sure nothing slips through the cracks.

2. Breed creativity. Writing things down and organizing them on the Lulalu Paper Pad Lists in the “Now,” “Later,” and “Whenever” columns can help inspire creativity. Writing down what you have to do can help you remember the things you want to do!

3. Boost self-esteem. Checking things off a to-do list can really turn a bad day into a great day. Boost your self-esteem by getting organized!

4. Improve focus. Writing down your obligations can help you focus on what is most important and what can be done at a later time so you can prioritize.

5. Create a healthier lifestyle. Planning meals, tracking calories and creating workout plans are great ways to inspire a healthier lifestyle. Lists are a great way to get started until your new eating habits and exercise plans become habit.

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