Tips for Creating a Healthier Family with Meal Planning Lists

26 May, 2016

Every family is different, but one thing all couples and parents have in common is this: the desire to create healthier, happier families. If you have the will, but you’re struggling with the way, don’t fret! Lulalu products are here to help guide and plan your way with these tips!

Make a meal plan

Not only can you simplify your week with the meal planners from Lulalu, but pre-planning your meals can help you make educated, healthy choices. When you find yourself in a bind (like, it’s already 5 p.m. and we haven’t even had soccer practice yet type of bind), those are the times when you tend to make the least healthy choices. However, by pre-planning and prepping your meals, you can avoid the drive-thru and be ready to go in a time crunch. List out what you are going to make each day on your planner, make your weekly trip to the grocery store and prepare healthy meals and snacks in advance to keep your family in tip-top shape!

Get outside

You don’t have to start running marathons to get in shape. Take your family outside for a walk or hike, go to the park or throw a baseball in the backyard. Any time you are up and moving instead of sitting on the couch, you are creating healthier kids and parents and having fun at the same time.

Turn off the TV

Healthy choices aren’t just about food and fitness. Encourage a healthy mind by turning off the TV, cellphone, tablet, computer or video games and instead having your children play a board game, read a book or complete a craft.

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