Caught Up in the Holiday Hustle : 7 Tips for the Holiday Season

04 December, 2013

Slow down, Santa! Christmastime chaos hits hard and fast, full with frantic shopping trips, difficult party planning and a packed calendar of events. There’s a lot of pressure to fit everything in, so the folks here at Lulalu gathered some of the best quick tips to keep you festive and organized this holiday season.

1. Spread Cheer (selectively)

The holidays are a great time for gift-giving and exchanging of Christmas cards, but these gestures can get a little out of control. Work to prioritize your card and gift giving. Remember that the whole point of the holiday exchange is to reconnect, express love, or observe a social decorum—it’s supposed to be special not over saturated.

2. Create a Game Plan

Get out your pads, calendars, dry erase boards and brainstorm your holiday gatherings. Take a good 20-30 minutes to think about everything you know about the coming season. Plan for travel plans, guests, parties and work functions. Go above and beyond to factor in preparation and shopping days. 

3. Do a Little at a Time

Try to make deadlines for the things you want to accomplish. Work to stagger your list in terms of relevancy and possibility. Finish a few tasks each week and you’ll avoid any stressful shopping and/or cooking

4. Take Inventory

Assess and inventory all your holiday items and décor. Then, get rid of anything crumpled, soiled, or broken and add things you must buy to your list. To finish, take pictures of your holiday décor set-up and add them to your inventory. This practice will save you next year!

5. Involve Others

Who says you have to do it all? Make your holidays traditions stick by getting your family members involved. Decorate the tree, make cookies, and address cards together. They’ll have fond memories of the holidays and you’ll get the extra help. Have a testy teenager? Put them on dishwashing duty during parties with the reward of an early Christmas gift. 

6. Clear Clutter by Giving Back

Go through your family’s closets and donate anything they haven’t used or worn in a year. This way, you’re giving back to people who need it, and you won’t get jammed closets and drawers after Christmas morning.

7. Reassess

Make a list of all your holiday traditions. During your list making, notice each one that gives you an uncomfortable visceral reaction. Then, ask yourself why and whom are you doing them for? Try to purge holiday traditions that aren’t working for you and your family. Be realistic about what you can and cannot do this season. 

Above everything else, remember that it is the season to be jolly. Relax and enjoy your holiday.

Happy Holidays from Lulalu!

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