Lulalu's Holiday Gift Guide

04 December, 2013

Fill Your Stockings with Lulalu's Holiday Gift Guide!

We've made the list and checked it twice, now choose your favorites.

Stocking Stuffer Extraordinaire 

Brighten up your stockings with Lulalu’s LED Keychain flashlight. Your loved ones will thank you for the style boost in their purse, bag or backpack. 

This helpful Tablet and E-Reader stand gives your favorite technophile easy viewing when on the web. 


Color Blocking

Stay on trend this holiday season with Lulalu’s colorful picture frames. Pick two of your favorite colors and your walls will ooze with modernity.

Showcase your sense of style in your work. These vivid notebooks are so beautiful, you’ll want to fill them up in no time. 


End Notes

Consolidate note-taking chaos this Christmas with Lulalu’s Laptop desk strip pad.  Bold color and organization will literally be at your fingertips.


Poppin’s multi-hued collection of Office Toolkit’s will be the envy of everyone in the office. Coworker’s will line up to borrow this snappy stapler. 


Delicious Details

Spruce up any space with Lulalu’s delightfully colored Vase and Marker sets. Whether you put in a flower or a pen, the vase will add just the right amount of designer detail. 

This amazing obsessive chef cooking-board is the perfect gift for any foodie in your life. They’re serve up structured meals and snacks, perfectly cut, measured and sized. 


Cool Clicking

Lulalu’s 360 Click Clip will put a pop of color into any gift exchange. Energize dull surfaces while holding up your lists, notes, or photographs.

These Macaron Pill Boxes will stylishly conceal your tiniest accessories and add a healthy dose of joie de vivre to everything you do. 

With all these goods, you'll make a sensational santa!

Happy Holidays from Lulalu

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